Foundations Bible Study Materials

Details on the Foundations Bible Study Materials

The purpose of the Foundations Discipleship Bible studies is to help people lay a foundation for life change that will last for the rest of their life.  Life change is about becoming more and more like Jesus.


“For no one can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

1 Corinthians 3:11

Foundations follows the same process Jesus used to train His disciples:

Come – Come and get to know God. This is the starting point of life change where we learn who God is and how to accept Jesus for eternal life.

Grow – Grow in your relationship with God. Learn how to grow spiritually through God’s Word, prayer, and fellowship with other Christians.

Serve – Serve by giving and caring for others. Learn about your spiritual gifts and abilities and how to give to and serve God and others.

Go – Go and make disciples. Invest in the lives of others and invite them to accept Jesus when they are ready. Then make disciples by helping others go through this process of Come – Grow – Serve – Go.

The “Come” section is evangelistic.  Believers should go through Foundations for their own spiritual growth and see how to help an unbeliever get to know who God is, how to help them receive Christ for eternal life, and how to grow as a disciple.

Foundations Content

Personal Spiritual Growth

  • Understanding the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • How to accept Jesus for eternal life
  • Making Jesus Lord of your life
  • Understanding God’s will for your life
  • Obedience, forgiveness & living by the Spirit
  • Understanding the Bible & how it’s organizatized
  • Ways to get God’s Word in your life
  • Value of Scripture memory
  • Serving by Giving

Ministry Skills

  • Learning to serve like Jesus
  • Understanding your spiritual gifts & how to use them
  • Serving through your passions, abilities & personalities
  • Finding your place of service in your church
  • Understanding our part in the Great Commission
  • Share your personal story of coming to Christ
  • Effectively share the Gospel with others
  • How to lead a Foundations meeting one-on-one or a small group

Foundations Bible Study Materials are Easy to Use and Lead


  • This material can be studied by individuals, one-on-one or in a small group of 3-12 people or couples.
  • The leader does not teach the material but simply facilitates discussion of the Bible verses and material.
  • Discussion questions & Bible verses are included in the lessons.
  • It takes about 18 months to study all of the material. Remember, Jesus took three years to make his disciples. Making disciples is up close, personal, and over time.
  • Comprehensive leader training material is available in our Foundations Leader Training Guide explained on this website.


All our materials are free & can be downloaded on this website in 3 different formats.

  • PDF file that works best on large screens or for printing
  • Epub files can be viewed on any EPub viewer such as Apple “Books” that comes on iPhones & iPads or “Google Book Reader” that is available from Google Play Store on all iOS or Android phones & tablets.
  • Mobi files can be viewed using Amazon’s “Kindle” reader which is also available on all iOS & Android devices from Apple or Google app stores.


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