Our Foundations workshops are designed to train pastors and leaders how to make multiplying disciples in small groups or with one person.  

  • We have taught our four workshops globally, but Workshop 1 is what you need to get started making multiplying disciples using the Foundations Bible study materials.  
  • In Workshop 1 we walk through all the training material found in our “Foundations Leader Training Guide”.  
  • In a one-day session the material is presented in segments and then discussed in small groups.
  • We model how to lead Foundations with volunteers.  Then the groups choose a leader to practice leading their group while we provide coaching.

There is no charge for these workshops which are taught by our team of experienced volunteers either in person or virtually.

Our Training Workshops

  • Workshop 1 – How to make multiplying disciples and grow your church
  • Workshop 2 – How to balance personal life and Ministry
  • Workshop 3 –  How to understand & apply the Bible
  • Workshop 4 – How to reach your city &  country for Christ

Workshop Photos

Interactive Workshops

Practicing leading our Bible study material in small groups


Costa Rica